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Groove Silicon Deployment Dive strap
Colors: Black, Blue, Dk.Blue.
Sizes: 20mm.
Buckle: Stainless Steel : Double-Flip-Lock Spring Release Deployment.
Taper: Buckle tapers down to the next even mm size.
Thickness: 5.0mm thickness.
Standard Length----7.5”---190mm...( Cut to Exact Fit ).
Edges: Molded Edges.
Backing: Smooth Solid Silicon..
Construction: Solid Italian Molded Silicon..( Extremely Flexible )
Finish: Smooth with 4 Grooved Lines.
Keepers: S.S. Deployment Buckle.
Tubular Ends: Molded for spring bars.
Manufacturer: I.W. SUISSE 

Groove Silicon Deployment Diver Watchband