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Sailcloth Quick Release Nylon Diver Sport watch band strap
Sizes: 18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 22mm..
Buckle: Stainless Steel as shown.
Taper: Buckle Tapers down to the next even mm size.
Thickness: 5.0mm thickness.
Length: Standard Length---7.5”--190mm.
Edges: Turned Edges.
Backing: Sailcloth Nylon.
Construction: Padded with Nylon stitching.
Finish: Smooth (Water-Resistant) .
Keepers: 1 Stitched in place / 1 Floating Keeper stitched
Tubular Ends: Reinforced PVC Tube for Spring Bars.

Sail Cloth Quick Release - Black Green Stitch