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. Item: Buffalo GT-3 Rally watch band strap.
. Colors: Black, Tobacco, Peanut ( with or without White Stitching ).
. Sizes: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm.
. Sizes: 16mm has a slightly different design and is a Custom size.
. Buckle: Stainless Steel. 
. Taper: Buckle and watchband tapers down to the next even mm size. 
. Thickness: 4.0mm thickness---Padded Center.
. Length: Standard Length----7.75”---195mm
. Edges: Turned Edges.
. Backing: Suede Backing.
. Construction: Padded---3 GT racing holes---nylon stitching.
. Finish: Hand Finished...GT 3 Rally Race styling.
. Keepers: 2 Leather Keepers---1 Stationary and 1 Floating---Stitched.
. Tubular Ends: PVC tube inserts for spring bars. 
. Manufacturer: I.W. SUISSE
. FREE: set of Spring Bars.
. FAST, FREE U.S. shipping.

GT-3 Buffalo Rally