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First ECO - Friendly NATO-G10® Hemp Watchbands

Updated: Feb 23


Introducing one of our softest nylon watchbands, the all New NATO-G10® Hemp Nylon. Not only are these straps extremely comfortable to wear they are flexible, rugged and durable. These feature all new Temperature Adaptive fibers with a Heavy Dense Hemp Weave Nylon at 1.7mm thickness with heat sealed edges and matching nylon stitching for added strength and security.

The new Temperature Adaptive Hemp Fibers are perfect for all year round. The NATO-G10® Hemp Nylon watchbands are great for all elements with UV protecting plus making them breathable in the summer keeping your wrist cool and warm in the winter.

Going Green Never Looked so Good!

NATO-G10® Hemp Nylon bands are among the first ever Environmentally Friendly Watchbands. As a crop, hemp requires no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMO seeds. This means there is no pesticide, insecticide, or synthetic fertilizer pollution of ground water, soil, or air, in areas where hemp is grown.

Using hemp building materials not only reduces emissions and toxic chemicals being released into the environment, it also helps sequester carbon while growing.

By becoming more environmentally conscious, your business not only helps mitigate climate change on a global scale but also on a local one. Your eco-friendly efforts directly impact the neighbors your business relies on, so you can help give them less polluted air, cleaner water, and a more sustainable future.

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